Sunday, 4 December 2011

Tame EP


My songwriting in 2010 had quite a two-partsness, with half of the works being rock songs not far from my general output, and the other half having a more acoustic, singer-songwriter basis. Each side became a six-track EP, available for free download.

The tamer EP, Tame EP, was surely caused by me finally acquiring an acoustic guitar. This led to busking and performances at Out of the Bedroom, which caters to acoustic singer-songwriters, and the general ambience of the EP is a result of that. Three of the six songs, though, are equally/more keyboard-based and haven't yet been performed at OotB. I don't have an excuse for that.

1. Sun Again
This track only ever existed to go at the start of something, for example this EP. I'd started to notice that some records start with slow songs that are actually good (whereas it's more typical to pile the pop songs at the start, and keep the slow stuff for later), and wanted to have a go myself. It builds, and is justified by what follows.

2. Tame
A song that came suddenly, after a break from songwriting (the first song I wrote in 2010). It was written very quickly and without strain, despite being such a departure, as far as I can tell, from my general style. The title IS just an adjective that described the song whilst writing.
3. Summer Plea

The only overdriven guitar on the album carries a goofy, somehow immortal riff. The major key is not my comfort zone, so I had to at least allow myself some distorted chords.

4. Songwriter
An exercise of piano-based songwriting, of which I had done quite little before this EP. There's little to it, and that was supposed to be the charm.

5. Levity
Another dose of awkward positivity. The two synth lines produce quite strange melodies, but I think they work if you can recognise the guitar song between them, and then think of them as embellishment rather than lead. As with basically any song, I particularly enjoy the Middle 8. The song was called 'This Levity' until I decided that was too much like an old song title.

6. Let's Start Again
A piano composition with (obviously synthesised) string parts, and that perhaps detrimental musak arpeggio thing. The idea here was to make a Classical Pop song. This is possibly my first solo song that doesn't generally rely on 4/4 time.

Overall, the EP is my kitschiest work and I can't take huge pride in it as a continuous piece. Still, I do like each individual song and they're worthy of performance and occasional listens, and it can shut anyone up who claims I can't be nice. The morons.

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