Monday, 24 October 2011

A Recovery

This song, written probably in July, took far too long to complete.
Download here.

I will be adjusting the downloads system, and old links will therefore often expire.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Naked Porn, Sex and Tits.

None of those things, but more site hits!

I don't like to admit being affected by the boundaries of the Gregorian calendar: Things should simply happen, without having to care about how they are measured in time.
Still, it's convenient for setting goals, and Why Relent? was specifically my project for 2011. It was completed before even half the year had passed, and since then I've been busy 'promoting it', and, when there was nothing better to do, whatever that other thing I did was.
Foetal ideas for the next work exist and shall surely develop, but I very much think that's for 2012. Somehow these cut-off points seem to encourage creativity. 'Dead White Males' was written in December 2010 and just wouldn't record properly until January, when it all came together swiftly. 'Maths' was recorded a year after its formative demo, and lines from half of the other songs were scribbled down that long ago.

I've got other creative ideas that don't sit within the 'making music all by and for myself' category of the last four years, and I think they suit 2011's remaining three months. That, and trying to get rid of my remaining album copies (go on.), and I'll push out some more songs for a third What Remains, my free download 'b-sides' album series. There'll be enough content at to justify my paying the rent, but allow me to rest on THESE IMMEASURABLE GLORIES for now. Allow me.

Sunday, 2 October 2011