Friday, 18 February 2011

Out of the Bedroom

Yes, I'm finally performing again. Spending some much-needed time Out of the Bedroom on Tuesday (22nd of February). Needed to say, I am the headline act so you'll get twice as much of the same few chords, strummed like a livid dolphin might. The Montague Bar is easy to find (Montague Street), it's free to get in and you can play your own songs too if you get in soon enough. What more can you ask for? World peace? Oh, okay then!

Rehearsing, among others, Film on Girls. This song was disastrous the only other time I've performed it live, but I think I've worked out how to do it. There'll be a new song, merchandise (lower-case 'm'), and probably even one of the songs in which I rhyme 'eventually' with something! What more can you ask for? World peace? No. You've had your share.

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