Sunday, 22 March 2015


I'm collapsing this website to be replaced by a more 'portfolio' approach that showcases the rest of my work too. Soon.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Why Retire?

Paper Truth have decided to split up due to creative differences.
Or really I just wanted to be able to say that.

Yeah, there're five albums, three EPs and three What Remains piles, totalling about six hours - which doesn't sound like that much considering it took seven years. 108 tracks? Does that sound better?
There were technically some crappy tracks before the first album but I wisely deleted them. I may locate and unleash these again, but, for now, pretend you never heard me say that.

I'm retiring the brand as it's a lot of history to drag with you, and I'd rather be Madoka Magica than One Piece. And I think I've bled nearly every worthy piece I could from the methodology and equipment at hand, which somewhat define Paper Truth to me. And what if I die leaving something unfinished? That'd be plain rude.
It's just a band name, and now there's a complete discography for it. I may consider performing or remixing/arranging but this is supposed to be the end of the Paper Truth songwriting/recording.
(I'll tidy up the website and fix the download options soon.)

My songwriting output had really slowed down in 2012 and '13, which I'd guess is due to exhaustion. 'Creative exhaustion' might be a factor too but I mean physical exhaustion due to trying to survive adulthood with the incurable chronic pain condition M.E. - This onset in 2010 and has often been overwhelming, and between that and a day job there's not much spare time. This year I've made it a focus to get one last prideworthy album done and escape the self-expectation. Finishing a started idea is now taking ages, I rarely get around to it.

I bet I'll still be making music though. Paper Truth was all recorded on a BOSS BR recording console; one goal is to retrain myself in computer music production, which I've hardly touched since 2007. Really interested in collaborations, jams or soundtracking opportunities. Apart from covers and one guest vocalist and one guest drummer on B-side experiments (and maybe arguably a guest rapper), the Paper Truth career has been entirely written, performed and recorded by me. That gets tedious after a while; I'm sick of me and my methods. It's definitely time to work with some other creatives or anyone who can hold a tune. Hell, anyone who can string words together; tunes are great but I've had enough of my smarmy lyricking. Imagine living with this.

I may drop the website at some point; Bandcamp seems ultimately more useful for streaming and downloading and presentation. I may go back and add album covers; they were always a "later I guess" thing.
Still, keep your Likes on the Facebook page and I'll post about other musics I do whilst I (or 'we') figure out what comes next. I bet there'll be more goddamn parody songs on YouTube.

Here's the last 'What Remains' B-sides pile, with alt versions, covers, and original songs.